Time Off

Got to take a little time off for some R&R. Beautiful views, sun and sand for the most part, but I definitely need to block out a longer stretch. It just takes me 3-4 days to stop working or thinking about work and this was a 5 day break.

While on that vacation...

Read a novel electronically -- I hadn’t done that before. I’ve read tons of scripts and comic books, but not a novel. This particular one was available only as a NOOK book, so I downloaded the Barnes and Noble App on the iPad and read it that way. After the first 30 pages or so, the experience was pretty transparent. I’ve been asked to consider adapting the novel into a screenplay, which I think would be a lot of fun to do. Something different for me.

Wrote about 10 pages of a new screenplay that I’d been thinking about off and on for four years.

Drank a half-dozen virgin strawberry daiquiris, tried some new foods (never had Ox-Tail stew before or a Lobster Stir-Fry), got to pet a dolphin and swim in the ocean and take naps everyday.


I miss those.

Vacation Tip #472: If you sit on the edge of the beach and let the tide lap around you, you can still find enough sand in your nether regions several days later to build small sand castles.

Came back to find the VFX project we finished before I left for vacation still going on.

And it still is.

Working on a new budget for doing my next film as a hybrid production between Louisiana and Ontario, Canada. Run that gauntlet of Tax Credits and rebates if you want to exercise your noggin.

My sons Corwin and Cameron turn 23 in a few days (the 24th). That’s how old I was when we had them. Tempus Fugit, etc.

Met with the Producers and Creative Team for a TNT series to talk about our doing the VFX for the series. Looks good. Tech scout Monday.

I shaved my beard and mustache. Definitely favor my brothers.

Got the new iPhone 4s (I know. Surprise-- the Apple cheerleader is still drinking the Kool-aid). And I love it. I have to say that SIRI is pretty darn amazing. I dictated 4 or five emails and sent as many texts in just a few minutes this morning. And the web browser is significantly faster. I had an upgrade due and my last phone was a 3GS, so this was a nice jump.

Pasted Graphic 1

And that’s where I’m at.