Jun 2011


Thinking of some of my friends going through a down-sizing at the company they’ve been working with. Hate to see them go through this kind of transition, but I know they’ll do well. All solid people who’ll land on their feet.

Continuing to create shot lists for the film-- nearly done with the major set-pieces. Got some interest from a few great actors who I think will bring a lot to the project.

Starting to create FX for a TV series as I transition out of the movie I’ve been working on for over the last 5 months. Complete change of pace-- mostly matte paintings greenscreen composites from the look of it.

Websites and Stuff

Spent a little time on the new site. Have to say it’s the cleanest website I’ve ever had. Straightforward, but I don’t feel like I’m leaving anything out. The trick is balancing my comics, film and VFX work so it doesn’t feel like I’m shortchanging one of the major areas.

Went over more props and set dressing notes with my Production Designer Jerry today. The film should really look pretty incredible. Very excited.

Finishing Up Trespass

Working this week to wrap up VFX on TRESPASS, the Joel Schumacher movie. DI starts Monday-- just a few last shots trickling in from the last reel. Looks good. Proud of the work everyone did.

Prop Houses

Interesting afternoon visiting prop houses with my Production Designer Jerry Bingham and Jay Marks, who’s helping produce Jason. Fascinating how that part of the business has changed over the years. Paramount doesn’t have a prop house anymore, Warner Brothers doesn’t have much in the area I’m looking for-- Ancient Greece-- and Universal has some great stuff, but seems to have no interest in helping anyone find it or talking to them about how to get pricing, etc. We’ll be hitting the other players in town soon-- ISS, Premiere Props, etc. The other side of this is weighing what is worth renting here and what we’ll be able to find in Louisiana.