Aug 2011

My Designs for the Vampire and Werewolf

When I created the concept for CARPE NOCTEM: Seize the Knight!-- which became Superman and Batman vs. Vampires and Werewolves, DC’s Dan Didio asked me to do character designs as well as the writing side. The incredible Tom Mandrake brought his own interpretation to the characters when he drew the book, of course-- but here’s a peek at what I’d originally envisioned.

Pasted Graphic 1
Pasted Graphic 2

Pasted Graphic 3

Pasted Graphic 4

Pasted Graphic 5

Pasted Graphic 6
Dr. Herbert Combs was loosely modeled (in appearance) on Ludek Drizhal, my friend and the Composer of the music for most of my films. And of course, the character’s name is a nod to my friend Jeffrey Combs (the Re-animator)