Things I've Learned

Some are beliefs. Some are facts. I believe they're all good guidelines.
like most things we believe that we should do, I don't always do them.

Be honest. Lying is too much trouble to keep straight.

Like yourself. Give yourself reasons to do so. Become someone you would want to

Love with all your soul.

If you love and eventually lose that person, you can't wish it all had never
happened. You wouldn't want to have missed all the good times. Life is an opera
with love and laughter...without the tragedy and sadness, the notes ring hollow.

Enjoy the distractions in life-- those things you do that aren't working or
surviving, but keep your time in the zone of distraction in moderation. It's too
easy to talk about what you want to do and not actually do it. Don't get caught
up commiserating with others about how hard the work/industry is.

Explore. The chances are that the world is smaller than you think. Don't let
some arbitrary belief that you can't travel until some (fill in the blank)
happens. Why wait to see Rome until you can't walk the Spanish Steps?

Love life and take everything it has to offer

3 things you can do today.
Pick a goal-- now decide three things you can do tomorrow that will be positive
steps toward the completion of that goal. Do them.

Never leave the site of setting a goal without taking action towards that goal.

Share what you know. Give away knowledge and kindness. You will have more of an
abundance of both than you could ever imagine.


The past does not equal the future.

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An idea is infectious. Be passionate.

The best way to achieve what you want is to help others get what they want.

Listen to your muse.

Focus and finish

Live up to your promises.

Live within your means.

Live on 70% of what you earn. Save 10%. Invest 10%. Give away 10%

Realize that you can make more money than what you do right now.

If your sales percentage is 5% of all calls you make, then increase the number
of calls.

You don't get paid by the number of's the NOs you receive that get you
closer to your goals.

It's a numbers game. 80/20 or so. Management of productive people and buyers/

Sleep enough. Rest and recharge. Take a day and read, relax.

Review where you are. Weekly, even daily. Who did you meet with today. What
came out of that? Course corrections.

Refuse to be surrounded by negativity and cynics.

Be thankful. Daily.

Encourage others to be thankful.

Ask good questions.

What's not perfect about the situation yet?

Don't get through the day-- get from the day.