Voodoo Moon Shot List

For those who are curious about how I go about preparing for a film, here’s a really clear insight to my process.

“The Cornfield Fight”

This was one of the most challenging sequences I had ever shot at the time. Pretty much non-stop action with the Real Actors (Realies) and Stunt People and a ton of VFX. We shot in a field and digitally tied it to a backyard location 25 miles away on the Warner Brothers Backlot.

And we got hit with torrential rain and high winds to boot...

The next film was Slayer, shot entirely on location in Puerto Rico, where my A.D. Brian O’Sullivan turned to me and said, “Every day on this thing is like the Cornfield Fight!”

Here is the SCRIPT for scene 74 of VOODOO MOON.

And below is my shot list. Typos, private jokes and all.


Let me know what you think.

If you don’t have the film to compare all this stuff to, it’s on Netflix streaming for the time being. and you can get it on Amazon, Ebay, etc., if you really want to buy it.

Voodoo Moon

A few definitions:

OTS: Over the Shoulder
DS: Downshot
US: Upshot
CU: Closeup
MS: Medium Shot